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Backup & Transfer the EasyWorship Database

Backup, Restore or Transfer an EasyWorship 2007 & 2009 Profile To Another Computer
(The profile contains songs, backgrounds, videos and images)

Please note these instructions are only for EasyWorship 2007 and 2009. This process will not work for versions older than 2007. If you have an older version of EasyWorship, upgrade to EasyWorship 2007 or 2009 then follow the instructions below.

Step 1 Determine Which Profile Folder EasyWorship is using.

Open EasyWorship on the source computer.
Click the Profiles menu.
Click Profiles Manager.
Select the profile you wish to transfer. (You may only have Default listed here)
From the links at the bottom of the window, click the option to Edit the selected application profile.
Click the in the Use an existing application data instance field, to show the location of the profile on the hard drive.
Use the right arrow key to scroll the text for viewing the end of the file path. The Profile folder is the last folder in the path.Example: Softouch/EasyWorship/Default/  Default is the profile folder.
Write this information down for use when restoring the database.

Step 2 Backup Your EasyWorship Profile Folders.

Make sure the EasyWorship program is closed.
Download the appropriate backup file:

a. BackupVista7.exe  (Windows Vista or Windows 7 users)

Double click the file after it is downloaded and your EasyWorship Profiles will be copied to an EWBackup folder on your desktop.
Insert your memory stick or CD.
Right click the EWBackup folder, choose Send To, then select either your memory stick or CD from the list.

Step 3 Restore Your EasyWorship Profile Folders

After the files have been copied to the memory stick or CD, take it to the Computer you want to transfer the database to.
Open the memory stick or CD from My Computer.
Open the EWBackup folder and double click the appropriate restore file.
a. Vista7Restore.bat (If you are restoring to Windows Vista or Windows 7)
b. XPRestore.bat (If you are restoring to Windows XP)
When the transfer is complete, close the restore window and open EasyWorship to see if your data is there.
If your data does not automatically appear go to Step 4.

Step 4 Set the correct profile folder on the Destination computer.

In some cases EasyWorship will not see the transfered profiles automatically.  This is usually because the profile folder that was used on the source computer did not have the same name as the profile folder being used on the destination computer. See the instructions below to correct this problem.

Open EasyWorship.
Click the Profiles menu.
Click Profiles Manager.
Click the option to Create a new application profile.
In the profile name, type in the profile folder name you found on the source computer on Step 1.
Click save profile.
EasyWorship will ask you if you want to use the profile folder that is already there, click yes.
(If you do not get this prompt, you did not type the name in correctly.)

Profile Locations:

Windows Vista
Computer / C: Drive / Users / Public / Public Documents / Softouch  /  EasyWorship

Windows XP/2000
My Computer / C: Drive / Documents and Settings / All Users / Shared Documents / Softouch / EasyWorship

Windows 95/98/ME
My Computer / C: Drive / Windows / All Users / Documents / Softouch / EasyWorship

b. BackupXP.exe  (Windows XP users)